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The Impressive Product Promotion of Sunra ROBO-S

Time: 2022-02-21 09:41 Admin: Arlene

The global market insights on electric vehicles extends from the bicycles to the motorcycles. New energy is the new mission for the vehicle industry. Rising consumer awareness of environmental protection and high demand for low noise transport solutions will drive the industry growth. SUNRA electric bike combines with the electric scooters to create the best manufacturer in this field in China. What features should the product includes are the main competitive advantage for its life cycle. ROBO-S is one of the most hot-selling models abroad.
For Sunra ROBO-S, it features simple style but double power. The appearance is high-end but low profile like the aristocratic warrior. The sleek design permeates the heart of the electric scooters: simple but unique. With the simple outline, it can run through the streets flexibly. 
With the high-performance shock absorber, Sunra ROBO-S can zip across all kinds of terrain smoothly and safely. While drifting on the water or the road, you can experience the collision of the speed and the furiousness of this electric scooter as one hand being the grip and the other hand being the steering that releases your freedom. No matter you ride across the stone road or the muddy place, Sunra ROBO-S can keep balance taking advantage of the performance. 

The stretchable hook is hidden on the panel of Sunra ROBO-S so that you can open it on your own willingness. The hook comforts your riding with the heavy bags while making full use of the space.
The finger-touch button start is customized for your unique identity verification that means Sunra ROBO-S only belongs to you.
Three speed modes of Sunra ROBO-Sare provided for you to experience different and comparable feelings among cruise control, reverse and acceleration of the E-bike. Matching with the digital meter, you can enjoy different speeds with the number variation.
LED lighting system of Sunra ROBO-S provides the low and high beam to adjust the light at night. The charging system and battery are developing for the unified platform. In Chinese e-bike manufactures, fast charging will meet the requirement for a efficient life.


Double lithium batteries give Sunra ROBO-S a letter of undertaking for the safety and endurance mileage which gives a sustainable power supply to the electric scooters.
TO be the best electric scooter, the cooperation  between front and rear brake system ABS of Sunra ROBO-S prevents lock-ups and skidding, even in slippery conditions. New technology helps ensure that each wheel has traction on the road to guarantee the riders’ safety.
While riding SUNRA ROBO-S, maybe you will not change the idea for the world view, but you will be shocked for choosing Sunra ROBO-S and meeting Sunra brand so late or you would change the original choice for the electric vehicles earlier.  Sunra deserves your trust. And Sunra ROBO-S is the best soulmate for your simple riding life and extraordinary riding love.

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