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SUNRA electric bikes get good reputations in VIETNAM market

Time: 2021-04-01 13:39 Admin: admin

Usually, spring is Vietnam local sales off-season, but Sunra electric bike Razor with his cool appearance, strong power and good after-sales service commitment, won the attention and love.
RAZOR is a sports crossover model developed and produced by SUNRA, the best electric bike manufacturer in China. Razor equipped with a high-efficiency synchronous frequency conversion motor, which greatly improves the acceleration performance, surging power, and makes the bike run smoothly. With a maximum torque of 120N.M, it brings more driving passion.
This electric mobility is more stable.The frame has undergone rigorous vibration tests of 600,000 times and a load of 210 kg. The execution standard is higher than the industry level.
Razor's most attractive headlamps design is to restore ancient ways, and its brightness is up to the standard of the motorcycle, thus it is the most security at night.
Tung Nguyen was the first young consumer to buy ebike Razor in Vietnam. When our salesperson asked him why he chose Sunra and Razor among many brands? He happily introduced that it was actually recommended to him by his younger brother when he was watching SUNRA’S facebook live broadcast. He told us he just started working and lived about 20km away from work. The public transportation facilities in Vietnam are not perfect and they need a better personal transportation tool. He had ridden on electric bikes when he was in school, and he found electric bikes very convenient. Razor is handsome in appearance and powerful enough to meet their needs. That day when the boy came to SUNRA shop, he had a test drive, it was great in all aspects. He paid for it without hesitation. The performance of Sunra electric scooter will make customers more satisfied in the future.
Via network live show, SUNRA RAZOR received nearly thousands of fans and even many dealers from Vietnam came to consult details. The e-bike Razor this time is sold in limited quantities, obviously can not satisfy all customers, so more dealers need to wait for a while to receive the orders. We believe that only solid quality can gain more recognition, and short time waiting will bring more surprises.
Sunra electric vehicles will continue to bring consumers more convenience in green travel.

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