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A variety of popular export models of SUNRA appeared at the exhibition and were warmly welcomed

Time: 2022-11-21 13:38 Admin: Arlene

From November 11th to 13th, the first Yangtze River Delta Cross-border E-commerce Industry Development Summit and Trade Fair, which aims to promote the development of multi-channel trade between China and foreign countries, was held in Wuxi. As one of the giants in the manufacture and supply of electric vehicles and new energy vehicles in China, SUNRA was also invited to participate in this exhibition.

SUNRA has always been committed to high-end, safe
electric motorcycles that can bring riders an extraordinary experience. At the exhibition, SUNRA showed two high-speed pure electric vehicles including ROBO-S and RONIC-S, which are well received in overseas markets. The existence of the dual mode motor system allows ROBO-S to reach the top speed of over 75km/h, and the max range is able to reach 135km. The powerful performance of ROBO-S complements his stylish model design. RONIC-S exudes an elegant temperament, just as the tagline says, "Elegance never goes out of style". Likewise, its extremely vintage appearance has helped it gain a lot of attention and favor at the exhibition.


During the exhibition, many partners expressed their desire to cooperate with SUNRA. Many foreign customers from Iran, Pakistan, Russia and India believe that SUNRA's electric vehicles have a very high-tech style and strong performance. At the same time, they also praised the careful explanation of the staff, and finally expressed their satisfaction with this test drive. SUNRA showed strong brand power and a series of mature products to a wide range of visitors and exhibitors. In the future, SUNRA will continue to develop with enthusiasm and vitality, and strive to let more and more users and merchants around the world experience SUNRA's products and services.

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