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10% of contracted quantity is required to keep inventory at manufacturer. So that dealer could pick up cargos accordingly to market needs without waiting.


If you are approved to become a dealer, we will work together to create a design that will support SUNRA brand and help you grow your business.

Brand recognition

Admit and accept the value of SUNRA brand. Protecting and creating identities of Miku brand.

Ambition, passion and courage

Volume driven, aggressive target achievement.

After service support

Professional service/ repair center with skilled engineers or technicians.
Stock an acceptable level of parts to support after service.

Professional team

Motivated and knowledgeable sales staffs are the base of successful dealership.

Market ability

Strong marketing plan with a consistent branding strategy.

Financial ability

The fund is the foundation of the business. The initial fund will be used for showroom, basic inventory and advertising.

If you could meet the requirements above,please send an inquiry to info@sunraev.com.


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Once you have sent the inquiry,
you will be contacted by one of our Dealer Development Specialists.
Thank you again for your interest in SUNRA dealership.


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