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SUNRA electric motorcycle Crystal——Road Test Report

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On early February, when the customers in Netherland received the ocean shipped electric scooters from SUNRA, they began to have a test ride. The following is a test drive report of Crystal e-bike.

Model name:Crystal
Sample test date:2020-02,Netherland
Accordingly to:GB/T 5378-2008
            GB/T 4570-2008
            QC/T 29115-2013


SUNRA Electric motorcycle Crystal 
Range test

Test speed:35km/h-40km/h
Road condition:Flat road
Conclusion: with one full charging, the range is 57km with one 60V20AH lithium battery and 116km with 2*60V20AH lithium batteries


SUNRA Electric scooter 
Durability test

Start:3KM    End:103KM
   Road condition    Range(KM)     Loading (KG)
   Flat Road    42    75
   Moutain Road    21    75
   Bad Road    12    75
   Night Road    15     75
After the durability test with all kind of road conditions, all of the electric parts and mechanical parts perform well.


SUNRA e-mobility Crystal is equipped with front & rear disc brakes with an Anti-Lock Braking System, it can precisely control the brake status of the front and rear wheels, the brake is strong enough for the downhill road. 

The display shows useful information such as  the battery capacity, speed, mileage and so on exactly.  Intelligent technology steps you back from daily tediousness. The large capacity battery pack ensures max range up to 120KM, and it is portable, the rider can charge the battery conveniently with quick connect plug. 1500W SUNRA self-developed motor, makes it perfectly balanced in terms of performance and consumption.

The quality of all lamps are reliable, the lighting effect is remarkable and is good enough for  the test under night road condition. Crystal electric bike has a soft, wear-resistant saddle with good water-proof performance. The most important, no matter how long time you ride it,  Crystal provide comfort. Only some components(such as front fender) loosened after the long time test, but it is the acceptable problem,as the scooter sample had been tested with some bad road condition, maybe some screws were loosened, and the customers can fixed them easily.


Sunra  Crystal, a clear electric scooter,has plenty of outstanding performance, just get on it, take your mind go on a journey.

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