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Can e-Scooter be washed?

As with any electric vehicle, care should always be taken when washing. We suggest not using high pressure washers or spraying excessive water on the battery or connectors.

Where should I have my SUNRA products serviced?

We suggest that having your product serviced at an authorized SUNRA dealer.

Where can I get spare parts for the e-scooter?

Usually buy some spare parts with the container order.

Where can I charge my e-scooter?

Anywhere there is a standard power socket, meaning you can charge at home, at work or in the city whenever you need to.

How far can I ride my e-scooter?

35km to 140km, all is possible. It depends on the motor & battery the e-scooter equipped with.

Can I charge my battery even if it is not completely empty?

Yes you can charge your battery no matter how much remaining capacity is left.

How long does a full charge take?

With the ordinary charger, it takes about 6 hours. With a fast charger, it takes 3-4 hours.

How long is the battery life?

It should be good for many years under normal usage.


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