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SUNRA, the leading brand of electric vehicles in China, is exploring technologies of new energy. Aiming to bring better products with higher quality to users and to expand the market & manufacturing, 4 modern large production bases were upgraded for the product quality. Sunra introduced automotive-grade standardized production. Annual production of e-mobility reaches over 4.1 million units. Particularly, Sunra Wuxi factory was awarded "Jiangsu Demonstration Smart Factory" by Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Economy & Information Technology & the Finance Department. SUNRA has a outstanding & strong Industrial Design Center who won lots of awards in China's top design competition, and 6 straight years China Design awards & 3 straight years Taihu awards. SUNRA established the first Academician Research & Post-Doctoral Research workstations in the ev industry. And cooperated with MIT, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University etc. to jointly research & develop electric vehicles. Sunra has the largest intelligent electric auto engineering technology research center in the industry. It holds more than 400 patents at present, over 40 new vehicle models and more than 20 new technology patents every year. Sunra has been cooperating with Korea group for overseas electric mobility delivery solutions. Cooperating with Pakistan Jawad Corporation, and opened Sunra exclusive shop in Pakistan. In the year 2019, a new factory of SUNRA has been set up in Egypt. Now Sunra scooter runs in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, South Asia and other more than 80 countries or regions. In the next 5 years, Sunra will build a sustainable overseas market network worldwide. Internet, big data and new energy, technology reshapes everything. When the era of green power and intelligent mobility comes, Sunra aims to help turn the world’s cities that with large populations into smarter & cleaner areas . To open a new ecosystem of green & smart commute, Sunra electric motorcycle is groomed and ready.


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