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A New member of the MIKU family made its debut at the 133rd Canton Fair and received widespread attention

Time: 2023-04-25 09:25 Admin: Arlene

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With the optimization and adjustment of domestic epidemic prevention and control policies, as an important window for opening up to the outside world and an important platform for foreign trade, the 133rd Canton Fair was grandly held in Guangzhou. This exhibition has high expectations, and it is reported that there are more than 30,000 offline exhibitors. As the leading brand of domestic electric vehicle design and manufacturing companies, SUNRA also participated in the first phase of the exhibition on April 15 to share business opportunities together.
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At this exhibition, the SUNRA brand officially released its blockbuster new model that will be promoted in 2023- Miku Retrolax! This is a retro-futuristic electric bicycle designed by SUNRA for a small group of individual people. It perfectly blends the nostalgic pursuit that people can't give up and the desire for speed in the new era. As a new member of the Miku family, Miku Retrolax inherits the excellent core of the Miku series electric vehicle products. The iconic MIKU LED C-class ambient headlights and high-definition LCD screen allow you to easily grasp the surrounding situation at night. The entire vehicle body is made of magnesium aluminum alloy, designed in accordance with ergonomics, and paired with leather comfortable large size seats, dedicated to creating an ultimate sense of comfort for cyclists.

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Nearly 200 domestic and foreign buyers came to the SUNRA booth and conducted business consultation and negotiation with the on-site staff. Everyone gave a high degree of love and attention to the overseas hot-selling models such as the MIKU series exhibited this time. On the morning of the 16th, under the witness of provincial leaders at all levels, SUNRA electric scooters held a signing ceremony with Belgian and French businessmen, and the enthusiasm on the scene was unprecedentedly high. In the future, SUNRA will continue to actively participate in various exhibitions, go abroad to expand the market of Chinese electric mobility manufacturers to seize business opportunities, and strive to reach more and greater international cooperation.

For more specification information and details about this newly launched electric bicycle,please visit our official website https://www.sunraev.com/ and get in touch with us via email info@sunraev.com .

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