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SUNRA smart high-speed electric motorcycle shines in Indonesia to accelerate the brand globalization development!

Time: 2024-05-10 14:09 Admin: Arlene

On April 30, the first Asiabike opened at Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia. SUNRA made a strong appearance with a number of its overseas flagship models, demonstrating its brand strength in design, R&D and manufacturing as a leading domestic electric motorcycle supplier. It received great attention from many foreign exhibitors and purchasers at the scene.
high-speed electric vehicles
electric two-wheeled mopeds

With the expansion of the Indonesian government's subsidy policy for electric two-wheelers, the trend of "converting oil to electricity" has become more and more obvious. The luxury electric motorcycle matrix exhibited by SUNRA at this exhibition actively responded to this policy. A series of high-speed lithium electric vehicles including Dream, Future and Legend, have different styles and are very futuristic, meeting the multiple needs of local residents in Indonesia for appearance, performance and cost-effectiveness.

Dream is an
electric motorcycle ceiling with smooth curves and minimalist shape. The 5000w ultra-powerful motor and efficient energy management system give Dream the super performance of “100-kilometer top speed + 100-kilometer endurance”. The excellent electric energy distribution and recovery function and top-level configuration enable it to bring users an unprecedented comfortable driving experience. Legend, which creates a new European-style riding aesthetic, not only has a top speed of 80km/h, but its electric drive system can also effectively reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. At the same time, it is a trendy electric motorcycle with technology, convenience and environmental protection as its core. It also has a variety of smart operations including anti-theft, smart start and stop, etc. Future incorporates the essence of modernity and retro into its design, reflecting a gorgeous travel style.

electric motorcycle
electric vehicles

On April 27, SUNRA's Indonesian production base was officially put into production, and the first batch of vehicles rolled off the production line smoothly; on May 3, the groundbreaking ceremony of PT SUNRA ASIA PACIFIC HI-TECH was successfully held. In 2024, SUNRA will focus on the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets. The total investment in the SUNRA Indonesia base will reach 120 million dollars. After the project is completed, the annual production capacity will reach 1 million electric vehicles. This will greatly enhance the competitiveness of SUNRA EVs in the Indonesian market, create more than 1,500 local jobs, and inject new impetus into local economic development.

In the future, SUNRA will fully leverage its scientific and technological innovation capabilities, deeply cultivate products and markets. Relying on the radiation of Indonesia's production base, SUNRA and the local government work together to accelerate the localization of operations and provide users with reliable high-performance
electric two-wheeled mopeds!
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