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SUNRA EV global trade congestion has been relieved as the sea freight price continues to fall

Time: 2022-09-26 14:06 Admin: Arlene


The third quarter of 2022 which is commonly called as the peak season for global electric vehicle trade has been surprisingly quiet with shipping prices falling sharply from last year's highs. Last September, the cost of shipping a 40-inch container booked several months in advance from China to the western United States soared from less than $2000 in 2019 to more than $20000. By the beginning of this year, the price was still in the $10, 000 range, though it had slipped a bit. After September, the price continued to fall and has fallen to $3,484, the lowest since 2020.


The high monetary inflation rate in Europe and the United States, coupled with geopolitical conflicts, energy crises and epidemics, has led to a sharp decline in shipping demand, which is the main reason for the plummeting global ocean freight rate. Benefiting from the declining shipping costs, overseas trade of SUNRA EV continues to rise globally, and so far, SUNRA's cumulative order volume has remained the same as last year's total order volume.

For the majority of foreign trade enterprises, the rise and fall of ocean freight should be paid attention to, it is both an opportunity and challenge for SUNRA brand under such circumstance. However, our top priority during this period of declining market demand is still to continue to concentrate on enhancing competitiveness with more advantageous product strength and upgrading so as to promote high-quality products designed and manufactured in China to further attract more international consumer demand.

As one of best electric motorcycle suppliers in China, SUNRA electric vehicles provide an excellent riding experience and performance with the combination of strong power, accurate control, and smart technology. Focus on quality is always SUNRA’s management concept, we are committed to providing high-performance, driving pleasure and perfect security for our customers and partners worldwide. We will continue to present more fun and cool products. For more information, please check www.sunraev.com.

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