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SUNRA Actively Deployed the Field of Sodium-ion Electric Energy and Successfully Mass-produced the First Batch of Sodium EVs

Time: 2023-08-29 09:21 Admin: Arlene

Recently, one of the best Chinese electric mobility manufacturers and suppliers SUNRA rolled out the first batch of electric vehicles powered by sodium batteries, making this "concept" in electric vehicle companies a reality and opening the first year for two-wheeled electric vehicles of sodium-ion. This will also play a vital role in promoting the technology of sodium electricity in China and even in the world.

From a global perspective, the current sodium electricity industry is growing rapidly, and sodium-ion batteries are emerging energy technologies that have attracted much attention in recent years. Compared with the traditional batteries commonly used in the current
two-wheeled electric vehicle market, sodium batteries have the advantages of short charging time, low cost and abundant energy storage capacity. In terms of environmental protection, sodium batteries without heavy metals are more environmentally friendly.

Chinese electric mobility manufacturers and suppliers
SUNRA Electric Vehicle

Many authoritative foreign media such as Bloomberg, Reuters and other media have given affirmative and positive comments on the two-wheeled vehicle powered by sodium batteries launched by SUNRA. Since its cooperation with leading sodium electric technology companies in March this year, until the first batch of sodium electric vehicles are put into mass production and offline, the SUNRA brand has been implementing its mission of "leading a new lifestyle of green travel ". This year is also the first time for SUNRA to link up with Chinese sportsmanship, becoming the industry's first official partner of the "Chinese National Women's Football Team" and "Chinese Football Association Women's Super League". Relying on the strong advantages of its own brand, SUNRA has perfectly integrated the sportsmanship and the brand value of pursuing excellence through diversified, integrated and innovative online and offline promotional activities.

On the basis of reducing the user's purchasing cost and stabilizing the performance and quality of electric scooters, the strong spirit of constantly breaking through ourselves and challenging the limit will become the internal driving force of SUNRA Electric Vehicle's future development at home and abroad. To provide users with a better driving experience and help the world achieve net-zero emissions, SUNRA is always on the road.
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