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Ronic-s——Fashion European Holiday -Style Electric Motorcycle

Time: 2021-11-15 11:52 Admin: Arlene


Ronic-s is an electric motorcycle launched by Sunra that can cater to people who pursuit the trend. The body is composed of classic curves and more integrated, it has both contemporary glamour and classic structure. It expresses European and American fashion and romance to the fullest.

In endurance of battery, Ronic-s is not inferior to any
electric motorcycle. This electric motorcycle uses dual-lithium batteries (2*72V20Ah) for energy. The maximum speed can reach 80 kilometers per hour, and the mileage can be Reaching 130 kilometers, allowing you to reduce the trouble caused by frequent charging in your daily life. Moreover, in today's prevalence of green development, new energy is a major global new development trend, and lead-acid batteries will inevitably be eliminated day by day. The restrictions on motorcycles promulgated in some places are also a headache for "motorcycle-loving" people. Our electric scooters can solve these problems well.

How to put daily goods? Compared with the inconvenient placement of items on traditional motorcycles, Ronic-s is equipped with hidden hooks. The color of the hook and the color of the car are integrated, and it will not make people feel obtrusive. If you are worried that the hooks are not enough to place goods, don’t worry. You can also install a tail box on the back hanger to solve this problem, allowing you to shop and place as you like.

You don’t have to worry that Ronic-s will withdraw from the fashion trend. As the darling of fashion, this electric motorcycle is available in red, blue, black, and green. It is not only popular in color, but also in style.

If you have any better suggestions, you can also contact with us, and we will make adjustment based on your suggestions to better meet your needs.

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