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SUNRA Unveiled the Latest Self-developed High-speed Lithium EVs at the 3rd Yangtze River Delta Cross-border E-commerce Fair

Time: 2024-06-27 09:09 Admin: Arlene

The 2024 Third Yangtze River Delta Cross-Border E-commerce Fair was successfully held in Wuxi from June 25th to 27th. SUNRA’s latest high-speed lithium electric vehicles, which were independently designed and developed, made their debut at the exhibition and received high praise and recognition.
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Legend and Future are the latest high-speed lithium electric vehicles launched by the SUNRA brand to meet the increasingly diversified needs of the international electric two-wheeled moped market. The parameter configurations are refined according to the usage habits of customers in different countries and regions. On the basis of being powered by lithium iron phosphate, three different battery capacities of 72V26Ah, 72V39Ah and 72V50Ah provide consumers with more choices. It well demonstrates SUNRA's own advantages in integrating production, sales and research, and helps expand the brand's authority. Legend is extremely stylish with simple and elegant lines, while Future adopts a modern retro aesthetic design to reinterpret retro fashion culture. Both two vehicles are equipped with high-power motors and five-level adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers. The extra-long saddle and traction control system not only ensure their long endurance and ability to carry people and cargo, but also improve the comfort and safety during riding. This is highly compatible with the life and work needs of different groups of people.
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Since its establishment, SUNRA has made many technological leaps in the process of product iteration: from brushless motors to dual-core dual-power system 3.0, from lead-acid to lithium batteries, sodium batteries, and graphene. SUNRA has always taken technological innovation as the core of corporate development, and has been based on the forefront of new industrial technology development and new material applications. Recently, it has obtained the official certification of an internationally renowned provincial electric vehicle brand. This not only affirms SUNRA's appeal as a leading domestic electric mobility company in the international market, but also provides more support and encouragement for the Chinese electric motorcycle supplier to upgrade to intelligence, branding and internationalization.
In the future, SUNRA will also be committed to allowing more and more overseas users to experience the diversified product matrix and feel the unique charm of SUNRA electric vehicles.
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