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Effortless Adventure —— SUNRA ROBO Electric Motorcycle

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Sunra's high-end lithium scooter ROBO debuted in late 2019. His powerful performance attracted much attention worldwide. Now ROBO has passed EEC certification with two speed versions: 45km/h and 80km/h, which means that it can be registered to get an license and enjoy the rights.

ROBO has passed EEC certification

A Powerful Heart - Dual Li Battery

ROBO electric motorcycle is equipped with 2*72V20AH high capacity lithium battery, the pack weighing just 17kg and can be fully charged in six hours. It uses the 18650 lithium battery with a cruising range up to 120km, battery life is more than 1000times charger and discharge cycles. The battery uses an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) to accurately control and protect itself.

SUNRA ROBO Power Performance

Power Performance

ROBO scooter adopts plenty of advanced technology: Sunra high performance 3.0KW motor and double 18-tube controllers, as a result, the maximum speed can reach 80KM/H. The new controller can better control the current, and improve the battery life.

Safety protection system

Sunra  electric vehicle also consider its safety performance: front and rear disc brakes can work effectively in high speed, and employing a front and rear linkage system, which distributes the braking force between the wheels evenly, this CBS system reduces the risk of side slip or rollover through braking. Side stand parking, "P"parking, assistance for reverse gear, LCD screen for greater, ROBO includes a numbers of safety devices, greatly improving the safety control experience.
You’ll love this modern  high performance
 e-motorcycle, it will change your stereotype towards an electric bike.

SUNRA ROBO Safety protection system

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