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Correct instructions: storage of lithium batteries in summer

Time: 2022-07-27 09:47 Admin: Arlene

As one of the best electric bike manufacturers

With the temperature keeps rising, recently we’ve sadly heard that a fire at a building in Buenos Aires' Recoleta neighborhood caused by a faulty skateboard lithium battery.
As one of the
best electric bike manufacturers, SUNRA has always been conscientious and responsible for every spare part, especially to ensure the safety performance of the main parts. What problems should we pay attention to when using lithium batteries in summer?

1.Choose SUNRA original charger
First, we need to eliminate the problem at the source.
Sunra brand charger has been tested for a long time and in various ways, it can protect the battery and ensure the safety of charging.

ithium batteries under high temperature sunshine


2. Do not put lithium batteries under high temperature sunshine
Due to the hot weather, the battery has been heating in the process of use and it’s easy to cause the battery spontaneous combustion. So we need to choose the lithium battery storage location carefully, pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the battery to avoid sun exposure.

3. Lithium batteries do not charge in high temperature environment
Lithium batteries can’t be charged during hot weather. High temperature will increase the activity of each active substance, and the reaction will be more sufficient and intense, resulting in battery explosion during charging.

4. Lithium batteries should not be overcharged for a long time
Lithium batteries have no memory. It is more appropriate to charge the electric vehicle 5-8 hours when the battery power is about 30% left or when the instrument panel shows the remaining two grids of power. Please estimate the time of using the battery and do not overcharge it.

Use lithium battery Safely, can not only prolong the battery life, but also ensure our own safety!
SUNRA sophisticated equipment, advanced technologies and scientific management will guarantee the first-class products in the field and SUNRA  welcome the customers at home or overseas to join us!

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