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As the most powerful electric E-mobility of MIKU family, what surprise bring to you? Phase two—The awesome E-mobility
Brake system: Equal the medium-displacement motorcycle with ABS
MIKU Super is equipped with double disc brake system which has surpassed the 150 cc fuel motorcycles of most joint venture brands, most of which are the entry-level configuration of front disc & rear drum. The front wheel is a double-piston caliper, although there is no ABS but it adopts CBS front & rear linkage brake system. It can precisely control the brake status of the front&rear wheels, provide class leading performance and efficiency.

The oil bump brake works smoothly. Even if only a sudden braking on the rear brake, the front wheel will brake together and the rear wheel won’t skid. It greatly improves the braking performance of the whole vehicle and it is much safer.  
The tester measured the braking distance at 50km/h and 30km/h respectively in the same way and the results were quite satisfactory. Since the bike is lighter and with smaller inertia, combined with the CBS to effectively prevent the rear wheel from skidding. The best braking distance at 50km/h they measured is 13.6m. That would be in line with the large displacement fuel motorcycle with ABS. The data was pretty good. At 30km/h,the braking distance is 4.2m, that’s totally fine for such a electric-powered motorcycle.
Unpaved roads:  Passing ability was approach to ADV

MIKU SUPER adopts the high quality Yuanxing original tires somewhat like that of 190X motorcycle. The tires have good depth of tread and a better road holding ability in the unpaved road. It has been tested to ride in the grass, wet soft land, gravel road and it is suitable for all kinds of road surface. 

The common motorcycles or scooters will fail to challenge on the wet & soft land. But on such slippery roads, although the rear wheel of the e scooter will skid slightly, its body is still stable & balanced, and there aren’t any wheel horizontal slip. It is no surprise to maintain medium-low-speed cycling. The passing ability of MIKU SUPER is far better than that of ordinary fuel motorcycles which is approached to small displacement fuel ADV. 

For the purpose of compatibility test, we drove this electric scooter in China as an ADV. The tires feature great hold ability in all kinds of stunts, jumping or taking off. But in such terrible road conditions the rear absorption might bottom and bounce when driving in a high speed. Of course, thanks to the ultra light weight, the bottoming will not be as fierce as that of fuel motorcycles.
 Finally, they simulated the rain weather and tested its waterproof performance. Testers sprayed the instrument, key, headlamp, controller, motor, battery compartment and other important parts continuously for more than 10 minutes with a high pressure squirt gun. They particularly paid attention to some minor details and each is perfect. Some fuel motorcycles or electric scooters which were easy to got water in the headlights & instruments and be foggy. 
After more than ten minutes high pressure spray, all the key functions of this electric bike worked normally. There was no water in the instrument or headlight. The motor and bearing operated smoothly. Its waterproof performance has passed the test of high pressure squirt gun.

MIKU is a high-end brand of SUNRA electric vehicles. MIKU is much more than mobility, it was built for the pure joy of riding. The design of the adult electric motorcycle MIKU SUPER satisfies the modern taste. The technical sense suspension and mechanical double aluminum alloy rear fork, together with dual core dual power system and much longer battery life, as well as it is more playability, the handling experience is quite different from that of the traditional scooters and similar to that of a small sports motorcycle. It is more a fun electric bike which can really bring you much pleasure & passion.
More information, please visit
www.mikuev.com for more.
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