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SUNRA Will Make Precise Efforts to Focus on High-quality Development in the International Market in 2024

Time: 2024-01-11 09:22 Admin: Yvette

The past 2023 has been a year full of challenges and opportunities in the development of the SUNRA brand. Against the background of fierce competition in the electric vehicle industry, SUNRA has actively responded, continuously optimized its business strategies, and strived to maintain the steady development of the company. In 2024, SUNRA will continue to release the core strength of the brand, grasp the key words of product quality and innovation to further achieve high-quality operations, and at the same time bring a more excellent travel experience to global users.

Keeping up with user needs is the source of power for the company's continuous innovation. Product research and development should always focus on consumers' needs and riding habits, striving to provide users with a more personalized, convenient and comfortable travel experience. In terms of product matrix design, SUNRA will comprehensively consider and design products that surpass competitors from appearance, performance and technology to ensure that the products have strong competitiveness in the
electric mobility manufacturer market.

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SUNRA released the industry's first high-speed electric motorcycle-Dream at EICMA. It is equipped with an 8000W ultra-powerful motor and an efficient energy management system. It has top performance of "120 kilometers of top speed + 120 kilometers of endurance" and can be called the "ceiling" of high-speed electric motorcycles. In the design of Dream, SUNRA draws inspiration from electric vehicles, integrates the needs of modern urban life, advanced technology and personalized style, leading the trend of urban travel. Dream also has high-end configurations such as anti-skid technology and active anti-collision system to ensure drivers’ riding safety. As an important attempt by SUNRA to get involved in the high-speed electric motorcycle category, Dream fully interprets the new concept of future travel with its avant-garde design and extraordinary performance. It successfully stands out from thousands of product competitions around the world and opens a new chapter in high-end urban electric motorcycle travel.
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In addition, SUNRA has refined its product promotion strategies based on the market characteristics of different countries. Except Dream, SUNRA has launched multiple categories of products such as Future, Legend, Miku Solo, etc., allowing overseas users to fully appreciate the brand's efforts to meet the segmented needs of users in different regions. In 2023, SUNRA has successively established a transit warehouse in France and an integrated production, sales and research base in Indonesia. By focusing on the different economic development levels and travel needs of local consumers, SUNRA provides better products and more considerate localized services. This series of strategies will help improve the company's competitiveness in the international market, accelerate the maturity of overseas markets, and promote Chinese brands to the world.
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