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The Completely Renewed SUNRA Injects 100% Electric Vitality Into the 135th Canton Fair

Time: 2024-04-23 14:20 Admin: Arlene

In recent years, the concepts of green, low-carbon and sustainable development have become increasingly prominent in the field of international trade, and clean energy is used in more and more industries. As a leading company in the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry that integrates production, sales and research, SUNRA brought a variety of new designs and new products to this Canton Fair that responded to the call of the times. It not only demonstrated the company's new achievements in technological innovation, but also help China's intelligent manufacturing to further expand overseas.
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SUNRA brought its independently developed and designed high-end high-speed electric motorcycle products Legend and Future to this Canton Fair. On the basis of a comprehensive refresh of the brand image, more new vitality will be injected into the rapid development of the company in 2024. It is worth noting that these two products are based on the differences in market demand in different countries and regions, and have accurately refined many key parameters of the products, including motor wattage, battery capacity, battery type, controller, etc. Each of the two products has three versions: Southeast Asia, Americas and Europe, providing customers with more choices. Hundreds of customers from both domestic and international markets stopped by them on site, marveling at their innovative and avant-garde exterior design, while also expressing high praise for their outstanding performance. Motorcycle dealers from Morocco bluntly said that they have been looking for 3000W high-speed lithium electric vehicles for a long time, and the models brought by SUNRA this time really surprised them. It not only refreshed their old concept of electric vehicles being low-end and not fast, but also greatly enhanced their confidence in introducing SUNRA electric scooters into the country.
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In addition, K3, as a new product powered by graphene batteries, is equipped with a dual-core dual-power 3.0 system, which combines TCS anti-skid and 5-level hydraulic shock absorption technology, raising the performance of traditional lead-acid vehicles to new heights. Mastering core technologies makes traveling more enjoyable. For more specification information and details about other newly launched electric mopeds, please visit our official website https://www.sunraev.com/ and get in touch with us via email info@sunraev.com.
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With the successful completion of the first phase of the 135th Canton Fair, SUNRA has also walked side by side for more than 10 years. With the arrival of a new era and a new journey, SUNRA has also adjusted its overall strategic plan in 2024, with user riding comfort as the core. From the perspectives of product quality, design details, process improvement, and ergonomics, it will conduct the most scientific product research and development. This series of measures fully demonstrates SUNRA’s sincerity and responsibility as the leader in China’s intelligent electric vehicle manufacturing industry.
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