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SUNRA Wins Great Attention on 2020 Zhejiang International Bicycle & New Energy Electric Vehicle Exhibition

Time: 2020-11-04 13:26 Admin: admin

SUNRA Wins Great Attention on 2020 Zhejiang International Bicycle & New Energy Electric Vehicle Exhibition

The 41st China Zhejiang International Bicycle & New Energy Electric Vehicle Exhibition opened on October 12! As the industry's latest products, the convergence of the most cutting-edge technology, the electric vehicle exhibition focused on the electric vehicle industry trends, brand trends, product trends, market trends, and SUNRA has also won a lot of attention on the exhibition.

Highlight No. 1-SUNRA new generation of lithium electric scooter family

As most popular models on this Exhibition, SUNRA new generation of lithium electric scooters MIKU Super、XC2、CC、Q5 and other new series of models with new generation of automotive grade lithium battery of 5-year warranty gathered together. SUNRA family design and exquisite painting technology to form a beautiful scenery on the scene and won an endless stream of onlookers. 

On this Zhejiang exhibition, SUNRA not only won the support of domestic users, but also won a lot of overseas investment of eager attention and consultation, after going abroad, SUNRA with high quality and good reputation of brand value leading the global dealers continue to move forward !


Highlight No. 2-SUNRA Super Strategic Cooperation Summit

The day before the opening of the Zhejiang exhibition, SUNRA successfully held a super strategic cooperation summit. As a best-selling brand in nearly 100 countries or regions around the world, SUNRA won an expectation-exceeding number of exhibitors arriving at the event on on the summit and the live atmosphere was great.

As a professional brand in the industry for 21 years, the summit deeply shared the brand concept and technical support of SUNRA super high end intelligent lithium electric vehicle, which not only demonstrated the brand strength of SUNRA, but also showed the forward determination of SUNRA in the industry.

Highlight No. 3-SUNRA new generation of automotive-class lithium batteries

Since the new generation of automotive-class lithium battery with 5-year warranty, in the industry and even the user circle has received keen attention. On this Zhejiang exhibition, many people said that they come just for the new generation of automotive-class lithium batteries. At the exhibition site, SUNRA explained in details the functions of SUNRA lithium battery to the audience. Under the general 2-3 year warranty to lithium battery in the industry, SUNRA new generation of automotive-class lithium battery "opened a new era with 5 years warranty. It not only improve the rights and interests of consumers, but also developed new areas in the industry with unlimited potential.

The future is a lithium battery age, we share the fun riding with you. SUNRA super-high-end intelligent lithium electric vehicle will continue to move forward, with SUNRA lithium storm to open the door of the new era. Confidence comes from hard strength, trust comes from high quality. Where there is sunshine, there is SUNRA! SUNRA is ready to stride forward with a new attitude.
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