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SUNRA bursts into new vitality - a new production base in Wenzhou, Zhejiang was put into use

Time: 2022-08-24 14:18 Admin: Arlene

In the early of August, as the best electric motorcycle supplier in China, Xinri Zhejiang Wenzhou manufacturing base has been officially put into use on the basis of four other production bases. After two years of preparation, the new factory has been built as an intelligent factory from the very beginning.

In January 2022, Wenzhou municipal government staff and leaders of Xinri went to the new factory for field investigation. After careful acceptance and evaluation by professionals, at the end of the inspection, the official government issued the country's first production building "Completion Pre-Acceptance License" to Zhejiang Xinri Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. This also foreshadows that this brand-new intelligent factory has embarked on the fast track of completion and production!

Few months later, Zhejiang factory successfully passed the on-site audit and obtained the CCC product certification. This indicates that the Zhejiang factory has withstood the strict CCC audit examination in terms of hardware infrastructure, production, technology and quality management system.

The Zhejiang Manufacturing Base mainly undertakes the functions of receiving, dispatching and warehousing of raw materials, assembly and manufacturing of vehicles, and storage and transportation of vehicles. The production base has the industry-leading complete vehicle synchronous assembly line, with high production efficiency and stable product quality. Brand new upgraded equipment can produce more than 120 units per hour while the single line capacity of other enterprises in the industry is basically maintained at about 70-80 sets. This greatly improves production efficiency and reduces cost input.

At the same time, it is equipped with an intelligent transport car to automatically transport materials, reduce manual operation costs and improve the automation level. The base focuses on "intelligent manufacturing", introduces first-class technology in the industry, and constantly explores and innovates to seek the perfect combination of intelligent manufacturing and electric vehicle production.


At present, Xinri Zhejiang factory mainly produces export models. The export SUNRA models are of high standard, and the appearance parts cannot be scratched. Moreover, the speed and performance of each vehicle need to be measured when it goes offline. The new intelligent production line can achieve a large improvement in efficiency, stability and reliable quality. In the future, Xinri will continue to work hard to produce more high-quality electric vehicles, and strive to live up to the expectations of various dealers and customers.

Following the pace of the times, Xinri is committed to building an intelligent factory, deeply integrating intelligence and informatization, redefining the intelligent manufacturing standard of
electric vehicles, and trying to establish a trustworthy pioneer image in the intelligent era.
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