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SUNRA Electric Scooters Launched in Nepal

Time: 2023-06-13 09:41 Admin: Arlene


In 2023, SUNRA electric scooters have made its debut in the Nepalese market. In response to the increasing demand of local residents for eco-friendly and cost-effective electric vehicles, SUNRA released two classic overseas models: ROBO-S and HAWK in the local latest magazine NEPAL DRIVES. Unlike other electric scooters, SUNRA ROBO-S and HAWK are more performance oriented and suitable for different salary groups such as younger buyers.

ROBO-S has always been the star electric powered moped of SUNRA with a high-end and low-key appearance design. Its body lines are clean and sharp. The integrated headlights and super large-screen digital display instrument allow you to grasp the vehicle data in real time and ride without worry. 3000W motor and 72V20AH extractable dual lithium batteries provide smoother power output for its three-speed riding mode including ride modes, cruise control, and reverse function. In addition, it is equipped with front and rear CBS disc brake system, allowing you to enjoy a truly safe and comfortable ride. One-key fingerprint unlocking can create your own identity authentication and start the journey easily.
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electric scooter for adults

HAWK is an 1800W electric scooter for adults developed by SUNRA. It has large battery space and lead acid or lithium batteries can be placed, avoid the embarrassment by long-distance travel or forgetting to charge, give you more safety during the riding. It can be equipped with 72v20ah lead-acid batteries with a cruising range of 65km. While it is equipped with two 72v20ah lithium batteries, the maximum mileage of this electric scooter can reach 130km, which can fully meet the daily travel needs. Front disc brake and rear drum brake reduce safety hazards when you start and stop. Excellent shock absorption effect and climbing ability make it walk on the ground regardless of any road conditions.

If you are an economic pragmatist, then electric scooter can just fit your needs perfectly. Be a part of this electric vehicle revolution with
SUNRA and experience the next level of riding.
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