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E-vehicle for disc brake VS drum brake

Time: 2022-03-25 09:08 Admin: Arlene

Disc brakes seem to have become standard in good electric vehicles over recent years. But do you know the benefits of disc brakes?
First, let's look at the structure of the drum brake:


The braking principle of the drum brake is to pull or push the brake hub in the brake hub to make the shoe blocks on both sides close to the inner wall of the wheel to achieve the braking effect. The wheel rolls forward, and the forward rolling force will act in the opposite direction on the brake hub. With the full contact between the brake hub and the inside of the wheel, the braking force will instantly increase, and the braking effect will be obvious.

The advantage of drum brakes is that the braking force is large and can be stopped in time. It can be seen that large trucks are generally drum brakes, and the cost of drum brakes is lower than that of disc brakes. The disadvantage is that the brakes are not linear and difficult to control. The brake heat dissipation is slow and the heat attenuation is serious, which is not suitable for high-frequency braking.
Let's take a look at the structure of the disc brake:


The disc brakes push the brake calipers through the hydraulic pump to hold the brake discs tightly. The braking force of the brakes is different from that of the drum brakes. It is more linear and will not increase suddenly. In order to improve the braking force, the method of increasing the braking area is generally adopted. For example, the use of dual-piston calipers is to increase the braking contact surface. It is also possible to increase the pressure by lengthening the brake lever, or by amplifying the pressure of the hydraulic pump.

Advantages of disc brakes: external structure, good heat dissipation, less thermal recession, easy to control, suitable for electric motorcycles and cool cars with hi
gh braking frequency. Now it can be seen that there are many perforated designs on the brake disc, which is to increase heat dissipation and optimize heat attenuation. In order to make the brakes of electric vehicles more linear, the brakes are easier and more labor-saving. The disadvantage is that the braking force of the disc brake is relatively small compared to the friction force of the drum brake, and the cost is relatively high.

Of course, with the intensified competition in the electric vehicle market and consumers' demand for high-end product performance, more and more models use disc brakes, and a variety of different types have also evolved, such as butterfly and disc. Since the cost of disc brakes is more expensive than drum brakes from a certain point of view, at present, disc brakes are only used in some high-end foreign trade enterprises.

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