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SUNRA For Fans Activity in Peru

Time: 2021-06-10 10:10 Admin: Arlene

 In May,  Sunra Peru carried out an test drive event in downtown Lima. The high performance dual-engine electric scooter Robo-S was highly praised by Peruvian fans, and also model Grace was favored by female fans. With the strong power and unique design, Sunra electric scooters ignited the enthusiasm of everyone present, not only experience Sunra's latest products by fans, but also gain favors from visitors. A new wave of electric vehicles population is sweeping in Peru. The person in charge of planning introduced: "New energy power for electric vehicles is a future trend of technological. Both the cost of use and the convenience will give users an extraordinary experience. We are very happy to share more and more people to choose this green travel and we believe it will inevitably lead to an improvement in lifestyle." At the same time, Sunra also invited the famous Peruvian TV host Andres to bring Sunra's high performance electric vehicles series to the national audience on PANAMERICANA TV station.

 As a leading brand in the electric vehicle industry, Sunra is committed to green and smart products, combining Sunra technology with unique design to create the most distinctive travel style for users. The representative model: Robo-S, which exhibited in Peru this time. As the industry's first electric scooter equip with dual-engine power, it not only has a maximum torque of 230N.m, but also ensures acceleration more smooth and natural, and further improve safety and driving experience. Grace, the most popular electric scooter among female , just as its name, the overall design reveals quality and delicacy. Thanks to SUNRA's Cashew painting through multilayer spray and baking, the colors are also fantastic. The 800W Bosch motor fully demonstrates Grace's luxury and high temperament.

 Thanks to every fan for supporting and loving. In this year, Sunra will launch more models in Peru, including the newly upgraded Miku Super and the highly intelligent Miku Max. Sunra is committed to bringing green and intelligent travel experience to every user.
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