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SUNRA Philippines and Guanzon Group have officially established a partnership to further penetrate electric vehicles into the travel modes of local residents

Time: 2024-02-21 13:48 Admin: Arlene

February 16-18, SUNRA Philippines joined the Guanzon Festival 2024 for a three-day Test Drive activity at the Moto Palengke. Customers attending the festival had the exclusive opportunity to test the performance and capabilities of SUNRA electric motorcycles, further showcasing the potential of this collaboration. This event provides a more convenient and faster way for local residents who don’t know about pure electric travel and some long-term users of fuel motorcycles to discover the thrill of electric motorcycles
electric mopeds

electric motorcycles

SUNRA Philippines is one of the largest dealer stores of SUNRA electric vehicles deployed in Southeast Asia. It mainly serves as an important port and way to sell electric powered bicycles and expand the brand's influence in the local area. Since 2023, electric motorcycles gained a lot of attention with the rising interest in electric vehicles in the Philippines. As Southeast Asian countries have intensified their "oil-to-electricity" policy in recent years and introduced measures to provide generous subsidies to buyers of electric vehicles, the market demand for new energy travel methods has increased rapidly. SUNRA brand, an excellent and well-known electric motorcycle supplier and manufacturer, quickly seized the opportunity and gradually deployed offline stores to actively respond to customer demands.
electric powered bicycles

Since becoming the pioneer dealer of Honda motorcycles in 1964 to the first-ever dealer partner of SUNRA, The Guanzon Group will always strive in helping every Filipino make their life comfortable by providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation option in daily life. Through this cooperation, interested electric vehicle enthusiasts can experience MIKU SUPER, Robo-S and Hawk under the SUNRA brand more comprehensively and intuitively. These three lithium-ion high-speed vehicles are different in terms of performance and can meet the practical and individual needs of different people. With the help of a series of publicity and promotion activities such as on-site free trial rides, promotional activities and exhibitions, the transformation of local transportation modes to electrification will be accelerated.

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electric mopeds,please visit our official website https://www.sunraev.com/ and get in touch with us via email info@sunraev.com.
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