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Zero Emission Rider Training with SUNRA

Time: 2022-07-18 13:52 Admin: Arlene

Following an unprecedented year for new motorcycle registrations in 2021, where the industry saw a 9% increase overall and a staggering 146% increase in electric bike registrations, Sunra UK is pleased to announce collaborations across the UK with training schools turning to EV products for training.

With the pandemic clearly impacting on commuter habits, the motorcycle industry as a whole certainly benefited from the increased
adoption of powered two-wheelers, with the majority of registration increases coming from the smaller capacity and commuter segment.


With an obvious increase in CBT and rider training uptake, proactive training schools have been keen to adapt to the new generation of rider, utilizing the benefits of EV models in the training environment, with some even taking advantage of zero emissions to offer an ‘any weather’ solution to training indoors. 

Logan Black of Sunra UK commented, “While the registration figures in general are clearly great news for our industry, what’s really encouraging is the adoption of EV and as a result at many training schools too.  A big part of the appeal appears to be down to our products being less intimidating than ICE counterparts, but of course there are many other advantages too, including lower cost and ease of use too.”

SUNRA dealers, Saltire Motorcycles, based in Edinburgh are one such dealer who have turned to EV use for their training school in conjunction with SUNRA, not only seeing the general benefits of electric in the training arena, but in also offering a unique approach with an indoor training school.


Jethro Sheppard of Saltire Motorcycles commented, “The use of EV models has really hit a sweet spot for our rider training services. Not only has it made it easier for training, but using SUNRA instead of petrol-powered scooters has made a significant saving in running costs for the business too. it’s also a far less intimidating first step on the motorcycling ladder and having an indoor space for training is also an absolute game changer when it comes to initially training new riders. For us there really are no negatives to EV in this environment and it’s great to see customers go through the training and choose an electric bike themselves too.”

As the uptake in electric scooters and motorcycles continues to grow, thanks partly to the increasing emergence of Clean Air Zones across many UK cities, Sunra UK is pleased to support an ever-growing network of training schools, with many dealers running their own schools as well as supplying into the training network too. The team at Sunra UK welcome discussion with any interested training schools. 

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