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Pragmatic Innovators of electric bike —— Sunra

Time: 2022-01-07 10:32 Admin: Arlene

The top important things buyers care is battery when people want to buy one electric bike. The battery also is the key factor which can influence the riding experience. Experiment have proved that the capacity retention rate of the Sunra Lithium battery is still more than 70% even after 15000 times charging and discharging. Lithium battery has longer battery life compared to graphene battery.

The most graphene battery be used in most electric bikes in the market is not 100% natural graphene battery, it is a combination of graphene and plumbic acid. The advantage of it is only better on electrical conductivity and energy conversion than normal graphene battery, it is transitional product. And this battery technology is not of epoch-making significance in product change history. The lithium battery is new energy in the electric powered bicycle, small size, light weight, long cycle life, large specific energy, and good in security and so on. It is development trend of
electric powered bicycle industry.

Now, smart technology is normal in our life, like smart home, smart system and so on, intelligent travel also is development trend in the future. Sunra deep look into intelligent field, the Sunra self-developed intelligent technology is leader in the electric powered bicycle industry. Bluetooth sensor, one-button start, fingerprint unlock, App interconnection control and so on, these intelligent functions make the riding become one awesome thing.

The intelligent functions of
Sunra electric powered bicycle also can offer many convenient in our life. For example, if we forget the key when we are ready to go to work, we can use fingerprint to start. The dashcam can help distinguish the responsibility of the accident when you are in a traffic accident, avoid unnecessary disputes.

In the future, Sunra will pay more attention to the application of intelligent technology in productions. 

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