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New energy e-car

New standard to travel, New attitude to life.

Appearance level, date more

Incorporate elements of trendy sports cars
Super high appearance, Super high return rate
Small body and travel freely in the city
Make a date trip more brilliant

Zero burden for shopping and travel

Pragmatic interior, exclusive customization of storage space

Meet the needs of daily shopping
feel relaxed every time you travel

Tilt down the rear seats

large storage space can be placed at will.
Outing trips can also be turned into journeys of exploration and adventure.

Travel leisurely and return home gracefully

Quick charge in less than 45 minutes, start immediately

Performance is superior and the body is sensitive and easy to operate

MINI-type electric car that runs farther

Five-star security, guarding every family member

Top configuration, double airbags as standard, ABS + EBD, ramp assist and other active / passive safety configuration
There are also safety guarantees when traveling with your baby.

Multi-angle display

Which one is your style?


Performance and Engine

Drive form Front drive
Body structure two doors and four seats
Size(L/W/H) (mm) 3288×1670×1654
Wheelbase(mm) 2185
Front track(mm) 1430
Rear track(mm) 1445
Minimum ground clearance(mm) >120
Wading Depth(mm) ≥300
Weight(kg) 1070
Maximum quality(kg) 1370
Axle load ratio of front wheel(%) 58
Fully loaded front wheel axle load ratio(%) 51

Dynamic performance

Max speed(km/h) 105
0-100km/h acceleration time(s) <18

Economic performance

Nominal range of NEDC(Km) ≥410
Nominal 100 km power consumption of NEDC(kwh/100km) ≤10.8


Cell type ternary lithium
Battery pack: rated voltage (V) 320
Battery capacity(kWh) 38.54
Fast charging time(30%-80%)(min) <45
Slow charging time (h) <12

Electric machinery

Type Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Rated power(Kw) 25
Peak power(Kw) 45
Peak speed(rpm) 11000
Rated speed(rpm) 3980
Peak torque(N.m) 150

*The range displayed on the official website was calculated in ideal conditions. In fact, the range is affected by many factors, such as load, temperature, wind speed, road surface, user’s operating habits, etc.

* Provided pictures, models, functions, performances and other data on the page is for reference. For specific information, please refer to the actual product.



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