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May 26, 2016

With lifestyle changed,“less is more” is so popular in china. Less is more means:The less you own, the more freedom you get. SUNRA KELING  is an electric bicycle that gives you more good riding experience.


1、”SUNRA KELING” makes you relax.

Everyone will be attracted by beautiful electric bicycles in our daily life. People likes some simpe things. Yeah,Simple is better. SUNRA KELING is a simple electric bicycle with elegant design and smooth lines that makes you have a comfortable riding experience and relaxed mood.


2、”SUNRA KELING” makes you free.

“Less is more” is not only good feel for your life, but redefinition for your life. SUNRA KELING is designed according to the rider’s body shape and the scope of physical activity that ensures the rider to ride better without fatigue and helps you to achieve more comfortable riding experience.


3、”SUNRA KELING” makes environment more better.

Our cities and regional areas need more electric bicycles not more cars. Electric bicycles enable anyone to cover 20km, 40km, 60km in a single day. Now that's a transport revolution and it’s happening fast all over our city. For chinese to increase electric bicycle trips as a percentage of all travel we need more people able to ride the often long distances between work and home. That’s where electric bicycle really come into their own. They're the ultimate car replacer and are incredibly fun. If you’ve ridden one already you know what we mean. SUNRA KELING can provide more power and long distance with BOSCH motor.



We have many colors to choose like pink, khaki, blue, red, green, orange etc.. SUNRA KELING stands a beautiful life attitude with fashion,health and sport.