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Bicycle Embrace Internet "+"
Mar 29, 2016

Equipped with Bluetooth, GPS connectivity, battery indicator of temperature control, intelligent control, anti-theft ... ... These advanced applications can also function today in the bikes and electric cars, in yesterday's opening of the 16th session of the China Northern international bicycle exhibition, innovation of all kinds of high-end bicycles, electric vehicles, lithium trams, new energy vehicles and other products have introduced "Internet +" concept of playing "smart card", attracted people's attention.

Journalists at the show to see, all kinds of bicycles, electric range, many well-known enterprises to avail myself of this opportunity to display their new products. "The electric vehicles using lithium, carbon steel with high strength damping, is comfortable to ride. "In front of the booth of a brand of electric vehicles, sales personnel to come to visit the public function of the electric car, many people in the Hall trying to experience in person.

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